My Credentials

My Credentials:

My latest novel, Spyglass House, the Jewels of Norpur, was published in November 2013, and while I claim this as my twelfth novel, this is only so if you include my first published work, a novella called Hi Diddle Diddle, in Analog Magazine in 1968, on which I also sold a movie option.  Wow, that sounds good, I thought my career was made, but then you have to realize it wasn’t until thirty years later when I broke back into print with my first full fledged novel, Bloody Bonsai.  This was the first of the Elderhostel Mysteries.  Four more followed before my published went into bankruptcy.  For awhile there I had the kiss of death for publishers.

I’ve taught fiction writing at the the Smithsonian Institution and memoir writing for the Collage of Southern Maryland, and I’ve held various seminars in the Washington/Baltimore area, including the Maryland Writers Association.  For the past twenty years my friend, Don Campbell, and I have been the moderators of Writer By the Bay (WBB), a critique writers group in Calvert Country, Maryland.

After I gave up on the Elderhostel Mysteries I went on with six more novels, all of which may be viewed by clicking on the book cover of this page, and listed here in reverse order of publication:

Spyglass House :
no message, just escapist fun
Recycling Jesus :
stealing DNA from the Shroud of Turin to rebuild a new Jesus
Me and Snack McGhee :
The adventures of Chance Duncan and his friend Snack McGhee in the environs of Southern Maryland
The Faltese Malcom :
A modern take on what happened to the second Maltese Falcon
Capitol Coven
about a coven meeting in that big building atop Jenkins Heights, better known today as Capitol Hill
If They Ask for a Hand, Only Give Them a Finger :
a case of mis-identification with the Police, the FBI, and the US Senate involved before the things is straightened out

Some time back I started a free newsletter called BookMarc, Adventures in Fiction Writing as a way to help out fellow writers.  This led to a contract and the publishing of Easy Reading Writing, easy reading about writing easy reading.   This BookMarc blog is now the restart of that series.   Check out a couple of chapters of the book at  There should be an easy return to the blog.

Finally, with the help of my wife and family,  I managed to hammer and nail a 3400 square foot house together and build three sailboats.  I’m still writing because, like most writers will tell you, I simply can not, not write.  I’m not yet a best seller, nor a millionaire, and I do not rule the universe.  Ah, but my Father does.